Consistant Change

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Another day has come to pass
Another time has died at last
And I remain me
Yet who I am is different as the weather

I remain consistantly different
Shapped by the erosion of life
Chip away anything that is not to be
And all the while I will remain me


A Quick Thought

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Sometimes the loneliest feeling isn’t:

Not having someone to listen when you’re pissed
Not having someone to hold you when you’re sad
Not having someone to pick you up when you’re down

Sometimes the loneliest feeling is:

Not having someone there to share the happiest moments of your day with, especially when those moments are few and far between.

Download My New Song (Square Garden) For Free!

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For all of you fine ladies and gents out there who love a good song, I’m offering a brand new song available for download!  Just my way of making the start of a good weekend a little bit sweeter!

Download Square Garden by navigating to and selecting download or just listen to it on the Hear My Music page up top.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

The Further I Venture Beyond Night

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“We saw that there was yet a little more time
to look around and try to walk the line,
but we, the clinically depressed,
socially outcasted, laid to rest
find it difficult to see reason
among situations not so sublime”

“But what you have isn’t worthless!
Take heed and see your value, regardless!
If you cannot see it yourself,
know that someone else sees your wealth!
And on the lowest of days,
let it shine and cut through your darkness!”

“Tis easy for you, the richest of all,
to say such a thing and yet watch us all fall.
But another great mock
hurled towards this lost flock
from such venomous lips.
It is bullshit, oh sir, that I call!”

“INSOLENT ROGUE!  To your pain you’re betrothed!
Tis no mystery you wander alone!
With such tightly locked teeth
you trample thousands beneath
and care not for the spirit trying to help!
You bite the good hand and take not the bone!”


There are people who are married to misery and that marriage, that bond, can be the hardest to break.

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Some days I find myself too busy to notice what’s happening around me. Some days I find myself trying not to care. Some days I try to just push forward despite the opposition. And some days I just miss being happy.

A Push

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How high must one jump
To reach the invisible bar
Set by those who believe
That you can reach heights
Once thought unobtainable

How high must one reach
To touch the invisible bar
Set by those who believe
That you can touch those
Once though untouchable

How much must one work
To see past the limits
Set by one’s own mind
That doesn’t understand
How others can see
The idea one once held
In the dark padded room
Deemed crazy, unreachable
Unobtainable, as reachable
Obtainable, possible


Sometimes it takes a push from someone on the outside for us to do things we never thought we were capable of and it is those who give us that push that enable the rest of us to change the world!

An Unexpected Surprise

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Yesterday I experienced a first and I was floored by it.  I stopped by my aunt and uncle’s place in Tulsa, OK for the weekend. I happened to be within a couple hours of them on a business trip so it only made sense since they are usually twelve hours from me. Upon walking into their house I noticed that they had company over and that they were all eating. My uncle gets up from the table, puts his arm around me, and tells everyone, “This is my brothers oldest son, whom I am very proud of!” I was honestly and openly taken aback. Very few people have ever said anything remotely like that to me or about me, but I know that this is the first time that I’ve ever been introduced in such a fashion. It meant so much and I never saw it coming.

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